Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey


The QUEEN Of Talk Tube

Writer: Tahir register

date: june 7th 2013

published: June 17 2013 1:12pm

Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey known to most as simply “Chescaleigh” is the outspoken Brown Queen of Youtube spoofs, comedy, politics and HAIR! With over 20 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube split between her three pages: Chescaleigh, Chescalocs, and Chescavlogs she is easily one of the most well known faces on the world wide web.

With YouTube becoming the international hit that it is, I would say, Ms. Ramsey is certainly On The Rise! She hopes to one day have her own internet based Talk Show among other things and I believe, we believe it will happen!

Chescaleigh is a fearless leader and she always says it like she means it, even if that means making a skit to prove a point…or to simply get views! Check out her viral hit video: Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls

This video has secured her a spot on the Anderson Show (which you can view via YouTube) and garnered a series of press releases, more fans, interviews, and unfortunately hatred. This video even made it into class rooms around the U.S in high school and most certainly in college.

Even with all of the racist threats, and backlash Chescaleigh still continues to press on…like QUEENS should. She was even introduced to Tracee Ellis Ross via YouTube and the two can be seen in several videos on Chescaleigh’s YouTube page chatting, discussing hair and acting a mess, but a good mess.

Chescaleigh spends her time in New York working hard using her College Degree in Graphic Design to the fullest rocking with her LOCS OUT and staying tuned in to what’s new, what’s viral, and what’s going on in the community. She is a Brown QUEEN fearlessly representing her skin and those that have come before her…

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