Fred Thomas Jr R&B Divas LA Cast Member

Tahir Register interviews R&B Divas LA Cast Member

Fred Thomas Jr.

Listen to what really happened during the taping below!


How were you casted for the show?

“I got a call from the show, from people who knew my work…they needed somebody to come in …. to write direct and produce a play….I expected it to be more of a pleasant situation…”

Kelly Price speaks about the conversation you guys had off camera, she said she apologized did she?

“I dont remember THAT! …. I have a good memory, but I don’t remember that!….”

When Kelly Price jumped up in your face how did you feel? how could you not react to that?

“I lie to you not man, it was God with his hands on me because a lot of things went on in my mind at that time, it was I am being disrespected….?”

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