India.Arie’s Surprising 2014 Grammy Snub | Have They Gone Mad!? @indiaarie @TheGRAMMYs

India.arie’s surprising 2014 grammy snub | have they gone mad?!

Writer: Tahir Register

Date: december 9th, 2013

Published: december 9th, 2013 2:00pm



SoulBirds Rise!!!!

Yes, I am a #SoulBird, but my love for India.Arie does not play a role in my distaste for this horrific Grammy snub, for lack of a better word. Simply put, my love for astounding music india-arie-press-3-650-430is the reason for my subtle disdain towards the Grammy elects who picked this years nominees. SongVersation is a genius musical composition that should be represented at the 2014 Grammys in at least two categories: Best R&B Album, SongVersation, and Best R&B Song for “Coaco Butter“. The fact that she is not nominated for anything is truly worrying me.

We here at The BLACK Media do not post negativity, we simply inform, and give insight and opinion.

With that, let’s discuss a few things here…

The nominees for best R&B song while they are all deserving, I do believe PJ Morton’s ppah_IndiaArieCocoaButtersong is lacking, and could easily be replaced by Coaco Butter, which I do not believe is a better song per-say, I love both, but I do believe Coaco Butter is more R&B, and more so on the same level as the other nominees in the category. No hate, just opinion, shout out to PJ Morton, I am truly happy for you!

The nominees for Best R&B album while they are all deserving as well, I do believe the journey in music that SongVersation takes you on is significantly greater than that of TGT’s album, and Faiths album. While I am more then happy for both considering their journey’s in music, and the greatness of both records, SongVersation, musically, is undeniably greater. Yes, it’s a slightly different sound to R&B as compared to those in the category, but that makes it a shoe-in for a win, no hate, just opinion, shout out to Faith, and TGT Ya’ll doing it for the brown folks!


All in all, I’m disappointed, and now you know why, but I am happy for all that was nominated, hopefully I can get to that point too!

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