Watch Azealia Banks Freestyle Over Jay Z’s “So Ghetto” Spitting Fire, Says RZA Deal Is Out

Azealia Banks released a freestyle, as promised, to fans over Jay Z’s “So Ghetto” while riding in a car, reminding us that beyond the headlines she is a hiphop influencer and one of the dopest mc’s in the past 10….


K. Michelle Says The Film “Birth Of A Nation” Made Her Rethink Her Behavior & Quit Love And Hiphop

K. Michelle recently sat with The Shade Room during her exclusive Jack Daniels shoot to discuss her leaving, for good this time, love and hip hop atlanta. The singer-songwriter blushed about her being the first…


Surviving Compton Premiered With Over 2 Million Viewers A Lifetime Movie Hit

Michel’le premiered her biopic “Surviving Compton” on Lifetime Oct 15th and it premiered at a successful 2 million+ viewers. As predicted, Michel’le’s story of survival, love, career, and life would help inspire millions, help save millions…..


Watch Adrienne Bailon Sing In Spanish On HOT97 Gave Fans The Chills Now They Want An Album

Recently Adrienne Bailon sat with HOT97 to discuss voter registration and during her interview she busted out in song towards the end singing in Spanish giving us CHILLS….


Watch Keke Wyatt’s New Video For Her New Single “JODECi” Off Her Deluxe Album “Rated Love”

Keke Wyatt is one of few artist giving us real R&B. Keke Wyatt released “JODECi” a new single off her deluxe alum “Rated Love” and a music video to go along with it. Back in April Keke released rated love to much success…


Jamie Foxx Writes & Directs His First Film “All STAR Weekend” A Star Studded Comedy

Jamie Foxx recently announced he is writing and directing his first film ever titled; “All Star Weekend”. Considering the Oscar award winning actor has been in this industry for over 30 years you’d think he would’ve written and directed several films….


Why Nicki Minaj’s Race & Relations Conversation Is Important An Ideal Kanye West Lived Up To

Nicki Minaj recently sat with Marie Claire and candidly spoke about race and relations. As a reference to her point of rich men of colour leaving, or aspiring to “other races”, particularly white women, Nicki ingeniously reminded us about Kanye West’s “Gold Digger”


Watch Nicki Minaj Bow To Lauryn Hill Overwhelmed With Joy Meeting Her Idol

Nicki Minaj posted a video of her bowing to Lauryn Hill. Nicki Minaj met Lauryn for the first time back stage at a TIDAL concert and as the video shows she was extremely overwhelmed so much so she felt impelled to bow….


Why Miche’le’s “Surviving Compton” Film & Survival Of Abuse By Dr. Dre Will Save Millions Of Women

The story of R&B singer Michel’le “Surviving Compton” airs on Oct. 15th on Lifetime. An untold story of abuse, love, and success. Michel’le was the first woman of Ruthless Records founded by NWA member Easy-E. It was…


Watch Kelly Rowland’s “DUMB” Music Video With Trevor Jackson DANCING THEIR BUTTS OFF

Kelly Rowland recently released a music video for her single “DUMB”. “DUMB” was released via Soundcloud almost a year ago to much praise. After the single was released Kelly was seen on the cover of magazines with …